Yoga asanas are safe for children

Can the methods used in the yoga techniques for exercising be separated from the philosophy? The answer is a distinctive no because yoga is considered to be a practice of psychosomatic exercises.

There is no way to separate the two. The yoga scholar will tell you that in order to practice yoga in the fullest, one must experience what is called the kundalini effect within meditation.

What does this mean? For spiritual lessons to be grasped by the soul within the person, the chakra, or different locations within the body where a circle of metaphysical and/or biophysical energy resides, join together in the process. Kundilini stimulates the chakra center to open and release the energy held within. If not done properly, some believe that a person can injure the brain.

By researching the history of yoga, we learn that it is not safe spiritually. Yoga teaches us to focus on ourselves instead of on the one true God. It encourages us to seek the answers to lifes difficult questions within our own conscience instead of in the Bible.