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Benefits of Dirga Pranayama.

Throughout your Yoga classes of, breathing techniques might or might not be a vital part of the process. The sort of breathing you will encounter will differ, depending on the types of Yoga you practise. In this article, we endeavor to explore the breathing techniques associated with Dirga Pranayama. When embarking upon the world of […]

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Yoga breathing asanas are very useful to mind and body

A lot of practitioners become more attuned with their yoga practices through this part of the technique. As you become more and more accustomed to the Yoga poses and breathing techniques, you will be able to practise without using your hands. This is most advocated when the flow of breath in and out of your […]

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Tiruvannamalai Ashrams List

In Tiruvannamalai So Many Ashrams are there. Exclusively many other country devotees are hear to worship lord arunachalaeshwarar and also they stay in these ashrams.Hear we have given few ashrams Contact details Below. Alamarakugai Ashramam +914175-222135 Arunachalam Trust +914175-222608 Arunachala Agam Trust +914175-227383 Andha Ashramam +914175-223827 Annamalayar Forest Development Group +914175-226645 Arukalai Nambi Seva Shangam […]