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what are the important places in tiruvannamalai on my first time visit

Dear Visitors, If you are a first time visitor to Tiruvannamalai then please read the given below details. 1, Visit Lord Arunacheleshwarar Temple (it will take 2 hours completely to see all the temple’s inside Big Temple) 2, Go Girivalam its 14 kilometer circumambulation of Arunachala Hill (By walk is good, don’t wear slippers) 3, […]

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Tiruvannamalai Ashrams List

In Tiruvannamalai So Many Ashrams are there. Exclusively many other country devotees are hear to worship lord arunachalaeshwarar and also they stay in these ashrams.Hear we have given few ashrams Contact details Below. Alamarakugai Ashramam +914175-222135 Arunachalam Trust +914175-222608 Arunachala Agam Trust +914175-227383 Andha Ashramam +914175-223827 Annamalayar Forest Development Group +914175-226645 Arukalai Nambi Seva Shangam […]

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Who is Yogi RamSuratkumar

Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the Greatest saints of this age was born in a village near Kashi on the first day of December,1918. He loved very much to meet the yogis and monks in his childhood. He was made friends with a number of holy men who build their huts on the Ganges shore or simply wandered […]