what are the important places in tiruvannamalai on my first time visit

Dear Visitors,

If you are a first time visitor to Tiruvannamalai then please read the given below details.

1, Visit Lord Arunacheleshwarar Temple (it will take 2 hours completely to see all the temple’s inside Big Temple)
2, Go Girivalam its 14 kilometer circumambulation of Arunachala Hill (By walk is good, don’t wear slippers)
3, Visit Ramana Ashramam, Shesadri Ashramam, Yogiram surath kumar ashramam, its on the way to Girivalam
4, Visit Kandha Ashramam its on the hill (by walk it will take 45 minutes)
5, Visit all the 8 Shiva lingams in Girivalam path.
Indra Lingam, Agni Lingam, Yama Lingam, Niruthi Lingam, Varuna Lingam, Vayu Lingam, Kubera Lingam and Esanya Lingam.

These are the most important places you must watch in your first time visit, still there are more places.